Who we are?

What is CFE?
Children’s Fashion Europe (CFE) is a new generation association of European supranational scope made up of European Children’s Wear and Childcare manufacturers, National Associations, Technological Institutes and Universities within the EU. With a clear market orientation, CFE is aimed at improving the competitive position of its members offering complimentary services to those of national and regional associations and consortiums.

What are its Targets?
The association’s main objectives are the organization of joint commercial activities to promote European products, specially outside the EU borders; to enhance the image and prestige of European children’s fashion and childcare products; to develop lobby actions to the EU Administration by creating measures in defence of the EU market against unfair competition from abroad and by developing a European normative for children’s health and safety; to lead and to collaborate European projects in order to improve the competitiveness of European companies and to provide commercial advice about foreign markets.

Why set up CFE?
CFE was launched on 2005 with the support of over fifty businessmen from Spain, Italy, France and Portugal to tackle the impact on the European industry of the recent liberalization of the textile sector worldwide and to maximize the opportunities offered by the new situation.
The Association is currently governed by the General Assembly that is formed by its entire membership.
The Association is managed and represented by the Board of Directors that is made up of the Chairman of the Board, the Vice- Presidents, the Secretariat, the Treasurer and five Board Members.

President Pedro Bravo Bravotex Portugal
1st Vice-President Luis Figueiredo Hall & Ca Portugal
2nd Vice-President Frederic Jamet Candide Group France
Secretary Elisa Solves Elisa Menuts Spain
Treasurer Francisco Javier García Mi cuna Spain
Member Andreas Burger Obermeyer Germany
Member José Manuel Rodrigo Alas de Ícaro Spain
Member Anastasiya Simionova Moda Kid Bulgaria
Member Rafael Dominguez Mayoral Spain
Member Esperanza Navarro Gioseppo SA Spain

Who can be member of CFE?
Any European children’s wear and childcare National Association, Technological Institute and University from any country of the European Union can be a member.