CFE offers the best service to its members, facilitating the added value needed to increase their competitiveness and productivity. You can get more information about these and other services by contacting CFE.

  • Dialogue with the European institutions. Bringing the voice of companies to European institutions is one of our premises. CFE wants to know the whole problematic of its members to transmit it as your interlocutor to representatives of the European Commission. From the organisms that CFE is member, UEAPME, CEN and Fashion working Group, we are continuously being asked opinion on topics relevant to companies in our sector as stakeholders, to perform new regulations.
  • Sectorial Information. Market studies within the EU and foreign countries, about regulation and other relevant topics.
  • Databases. Large databases that include all relevant members of the sector and that are created in response to interests of the members of the association.
  • Partnerships. We perform agreements with agents from outside the partnership to benefit members of the association with special rates and services.
  • Training. Specific courses for the benefit of members of the sector. These courses are the result of CFE projects that have departed from identified needs.
  • Promotion. Inclusion in our social networks and usual means of promotion and organizing catwalks in major trade fairs and special prices to participate in them.
  • EU subsidies. Participation in European projects of interest for members of the association and advice about management of grants to those interested members.
  • Network of Europen collaboration. Contact between associations and relevant members of the sector in Europe to improve the competitive position against foreign competition.


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