Product description
Baby’s bath, children’s footwear, accessories, children’s wear (sport wear, classic attire), underwear, knitwear, early infancy (baby wear), childcare (light childcare).
Laranjinha collection is made for a group of clients with commom demands, but distinct characteristics, that´s why they designed three diferent, uniform, and good looking collections :
– New Born (0 – 9 months) with specific label and image, is made for new-born babies. It´s a simple collection, where the design is carefully studied so that it can be comfortable and practical. But… also “attractive”.
– From the mother´s arms to first steps (1 – 24 months) designed for someone who isn´t always in bed, but for someone more active, although delicate, in our lives. The idea of comfort and care combine with very fine exterior details, used in pastel, navy blue and red.
– Almost like us (12 months – 8 years) is a very complete collection which offers the little client almost all he needs to dress during the following months, since the interior body to the coat, not forgetting the shoes, socks, wollen hat and many more! A set of clothes with easy coordination, created from four small themes we dedicate in each season to. Almost like us, to the classical bases were given details and colours up to date by fashion tendency.

Export countries
Australia, Austria, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, UK, USA

0 – 8 years

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