Product description
Baby’s bath, ceremony, accessories, sport wear, classic attire, underwear layette and baby wear.
Bóboli offers a multitude of proposals, in wich the intensity of the colours, the surprising prints and the innovative treatments of the fabrics play a principal role. Colour, fashion, design and quality are the calling cards of the brandname, which has situated itself as one of the major firms dealing with children’s fashion.

A complete child’s fashion collection which covers all the needs of the child (0 months to 16 years old).
Modern, fun designs, up-to-date and innovative in a wide range of fabrics, colours, embroideries and prints.
2 collections a year with 6 lines of garments (Mini, Baby, Kids, Acqua, Soft, Chic) with over 600 models each season.

Export countries
Mexico, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Middle East, Philipines, Venezuela, USA, Cyprus… On an international level, Bóboli can be found in more than 40 different countries (Europe, The Middle East, The Far East, The United States and South America) with more than 500 selling points and 50 shops/corners in Saudia Arabia, Korea, Dubai, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Singapore and Taiwan.

0 – 16 years

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