Children’s Fashion Europe is formed by National Associations and Technological Institutes.

Our members are:

ASEPRI (Spain)

Profile description:

ASEPRI’s mission is to serve the general and common interest of the sector companies by promoting scale economy and national and international trade, developing products and services, conducting studies for its members, encouraging the use and development of the Information Technologies (IT).

Representing the sector in its relationship with the Central and Regional Administrations, the Association joins forces and cooperates to carry on joint measures that increase the general competitiveness of its members and the Spanish sector as a whole.

Contact details

+(34) 96 392 51 51

+(34) 96 391 83 70



NovaCHild (France)

Profile description

NOVA Child is a business cluster system based strongly on its position of “innovation” but even more “use” oriented and aims at the creation of tools and services for the development of knowledge for children’s sector.

This position demonstrates the strengthening of five ambitious values :

1 – a positionning resolutely turned toward innovation

2 – an expert knowledge of the child and its environment

3 – a professional target

4 – proximity in the service

5 – an international influence

All the actor of NOVA Child converge on the same objective: innovate for the welfare of children.

Contact details

Phone: +(33241495723

Fax: +(33)241253201


ANIVEC (Portugal)

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The National Association of Clothing Industry – ANIVEC/APIV – represents the Portuguese clothing industry, together with national and international institutions and bodies.

It offers to its member a wide range of services: technical, economic, legal, administrative, new technologies and training, internationalization.

The Mission of this association is to provide tools to the Portuguese firms of this sector in order to be more competitive towards globalization challenges.

Contact details

+(351) 2261 65470

+(351) 226168714



MODA KID (Bulgaria)

National Association of children’s clothing in Bulgaria

CNA Federmoda (Italy)

Profile description

This Italian organization gathers textile, fashion, shoe sectors and all its related activities representing and protecting almost 25.000 manufactures companies and SMEs in Italy.

This union acts in order to support the companies through different initiatives and consultancies in the fields of commercial promotion of the manufacturers and subcontractors through technological innovation, technical and managerial updates, creates and manages services networks for the diffusion of information on laws related to the fashion and textile sector.

Contact details

Phone: +39 0516099490

Fax: +39 0644249513




Finatex (Finland)

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The Federation of Finnish Textiles and Clothing Industries, Finatex, is a lobby, training and service organisation. Its primary mission is to enhance the business potential of members operating in the highly-competitive Finnish and international markets by furthering their business and labour-market interests. The Federation has close to 150 members together employing a labour force of nearly 8,000, i.e. well over 90 per cent of the total for the sector. They are a member of the Confederation of Finnish Industries and Employers (EK).

Contact details

Phone: + 358 10 830 1400

Fax: +358 9 653 305




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Founded in June 1985 by the Regional SMEs Institute (IMPIVA) and the Spanish toy manufacturers association (AEFJ) wih the aim of promoting the development of the industrial sector of toys. AIJU is a non-profit-making association devoted to research, development, technological innovation, increasing competitiveness and improving product quality within the industrial sector of toys.

Contact details

+34 965 554 475

+34 965 554 490




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IBV is a technological centre that studies the behaviour of the human body and its interaction with products, environments and services. Founded in 1976, the Institute is currently coordinated under the agreement of the Valencian Institute for Small and Medium Industry (IMPIVA) and the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV).

With the aim to improve competitiveness among the business sector,  IBV promotes people’s well-being through the combination of knowledge in areas such as biomechanics, ergonomics and emotional engineering, and its application to diverse sectors.

Contact details

+96 387 91 60

+96 387 91 69




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AITEX is a private non-profit making association assigned to REDIT, which in recent years has been consolidated as a key organization in the promotion of innovation and technological development in the textile Industry.

AITEX´s area of action contemplates the textile, clothing and technological textiles sectors and is present all over the world.

Contact details

+(34) 96 131 81 93

+(34) 96 131 81 83




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