The activities carried out within CFE are geared to meet the pillars that give meaning to the organization; Institutional representation, internationalization support and value chain improvement.

CFE’s team is focusing its efforts on the following activities:

  1. Participation in European Projects

CFE has extensive experience in coordination and participation in EU funded projects. The partnership structure of CFE, formed both SMEs and Sectoral Associations, Institutes and Research and Technological Centres and International Trade favours the creation of consortia to submit European projects, promoting the participation of its partners, leading projects or participate as partners.

The projects in which CFE participates are directed to obtain relevant research results for industry members; specific training, R & D projects to assist the production and marketing of products and promotional activities.

The team’s expertise also allows CFE members advise those interested in carrying out a project within your company.

  1. Actions to promote and disseminate children’s fashion and childcare European, mainly outside its borders.

CFE is in a unique position to promote European brands. That is why we carried out actions in this sense:

  • Organization of commercial activities, especially outside the EU;
  • Participation in international fairs and trade magazines;
  • Co-organization of European children’s fashion cat-walks.
  • Organization of business missions and prospecting new markets.
  • Promotion through its own capabilities and social networks.
  1. Defense actions of EU market against disloyal or antisocial competition and creating a «lobby» with the EU administration.

Influence to the European authorities for the protection of the internal market to productions that do not respect existing or future regulations concerning:

  • Safety of children’s clothing.
  • Harmonization of national regulations within the EU;
  • Respect the minimum social and labour conditions in the country of origin of the products;
  • Creating barriers to offset the failure of the above.

CFE is a member of the European Committee for Standardization Textiles and textile products and for the TC 248 Childcare and CEN TC 220 for Childcare.

CFE is a member of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, UEAPME in Brussels.

CFE presented at the European Parliament in Brussels Manifesto Sectors of Children’s Fashion and Childcare, which expresses the importance of them directly linked to the world of children.

  1. Studies and projects to improve the competitiveness of European companies.

Develop and implement studies on the following categories:

  • Commercial.
  • New technologies.
  • Normalization.

Development of a documentary with:

  • Market research, Addresses of interest.
  • Tariff and legal regulations.


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