CFE&European Projects: ECHILD

Child Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo Da Vinci


CFE offers a new online course, result of a collaborative project of two years.


This course intends to help companies to introduce them into the product design human factors related to comfort and functionality in order to develop innovative products better oriented to their future users.

The course provides practical information on how to design functionally adequate children products so that at the end of the course you will:

  • have knowledge and understanding of the evolutionary development of children and the capabilities and skills associated to the different stages
  • understand what parents expect from a product, to better focus the design accomplishing their expectancies and incorporating their requirements and preferences into product design
  • know the anthropometrical dimensions relevant for the design, being able to apply this information to the design of products with dimensional adequacy
  • Have information to design products incorporating usability criteria, adaptation to the movements and thermal criteria.
  • be able to gather information from population of interest, by means the application of user centred methodologies in different phases of the product design process
  • The course is addressed to professionals involved in the designing process of children’s products in the childcare, fashion or footwear sectors, such as designers, engineers or managers, as well as students or other related professionals wishing to enter this field.


Dates: From 15th September to 27th October of 2014

Duration: 60 hours online Language: English

Price: 650€

Discount: Students who are active workers of any European Children’s Fashion Association (CFE) associated company will benefit of a 20% off the normal price.


For more information and registration:


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