Micuna: OVO high chair, more and better than ever

Ovo high chair has been capital from the beginning. Since the first appearance in the market, Ovo high chair has won some awards in different countries. Rounded and soft forms and his design have made it really trendy. The most demanding by costumers Ovo as high value design. Ovo high chair is an example of Micuna best effort to offer design distinction being Micuna image in international markets. Countries as France, United States, China, Australia or South Korea are the most demanding markets to this amazing high chair.

Celebrating 40th anniversary of Micuna and looking for the excellence in every aspect of Micuna products we update and improve the characteristics of our high chair. Being under the most strict European regulations, we have made a very special version in order to create an improved product.

The most relevant improvements are:

-Redesigning and creating a new model; 40th Anniversary Ovo high chair. Available in two new colours like gold, upholstery Lux and made of synthetic leather.

-Five moorings points, for more safety.

-Upholstery is made in different colours, even it is available in beige colour made of synthetic leather.

-Footrest is redesign being more comfortable.

Ovo high chair is made by Micuna and design by CuldeSac.

For further information o graphic material contact to: mjchaques@micuna.com




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