CHINA – The Taiwanese chain Les Enphants will open 200 stores over there this year

China is no longer an exclusive aim of European companies. Asian companies are betting more and more every day on this country and develop specific expansion plans to expand into the Asian giant. This is the case for Les Enphants, a Taiwanese children’s clothing chain, which will launch 200 stores in China this year.
The company, which commercialize in its retail stores their own products and others of brands like New Balance Kids, Barbie or Disney Baby, has currently a network of approximately 1.900 stores in China.

The expansion plan of Les Enphants has already led the company to open stores in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, as well as in China and Taiwan, its domestic market.

Les Enphants was founded in 1971 as a children’s fashion chain to cover the needs of younger people in the Asian market. The company offers a vast range of products dedicated to children’s fashion at very competitive price.
According to the latest data available, Les Enphants recorded a turnover of 210.2 million dollars (160.6 million euros) in 2009. That same year, the company’s net income reached $ 8.8 million (6.7 million euros).

Retail Network Expansion – Les Enphants

For further information, visit the website of Les Enphants
To read the whole notice in Spanish, please click here


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