Eco-friendly fashion for kids

First women, then men: now children and babies are the latest to join the conscious clothing revolution.
Today, Copenhagen is hosting the world’s largest conference on sustainability and fashion, continuing to set the global agenda on environmental, social and economically sustainable solutions.

Almost 1000 key industry stakeholders are gathered in order to identify new opportunities and are looking forward solutions for the global fashion industry to tackle the growing sustainability challenges facing the planet.

According to the Nordic Fashion Association, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting and socially challenged industries.

Sustainability in the fashion industry is a real challenge nowadays, and children’s fashion brands are already conscious of it.

Thirty years ago, dressing your children in eco-friendly clothing meant something along the lines of wrapping them in a hemp sheet and leaving them barefoot. But walk down the high street now, and you’ll find a whole array of green kids clothes, albeit some more trendy than others.

So why the big change? Even though the current economic climate has put a damper on consumers’ focus on the environment, there is a growing demand for eco-conscious children’s clothing. Hardwearing, good quality clothes are generally recycled among family members and friends, making their initial cost less of an issue.

Discover, on the website, five of the best eco-friendly fashion brands for kids according to Lisa Stephens


The Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012 in brief
With 800-1000 international participants and keynote speeches from leading international designers, fashion companies and experts, Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012 is the world’s largest, most important event on fashion and sustainability. The overall theme is sustainable consumption or the NICE Consumer.
Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2012 will mark the UN Global Compact’s first sectorial initiative when a new Code of Conduct will be launched specifically for the fashion industry.



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