The children’s fashion franchises – a booming sector in a continuous evolution

A few years ago, the children’s fashion spent a disregarded time for parents and children. Before there was not given much importance to dress the small ones but, in the course of time, the sector has grown and modernized until becoming a necessity for families.

Some time ago the clothing was passed from hand to hand, inherited to the youngest of the house. But the increased purchasing power of the families has also led the industry grow and with it the leading companies of children’s fashion franchises.

Despite of living in a difficult time in terms of economic sector, currently, parents use to spend an average of between 250 and 350 euros on clothes for the children and they use to do it in department store or in franchises, which are dedicated to this sector.

Parents often do not skimp on expenses for their children. This is the main advantage that the children’s fashion industry has in Spain. A favorable social feature that binds to the constant renewal of clothing needed as the child grows, which promotes an optimal niche for the development of franchise chains. This situation is compounded by the higher birth rate, strong competition, the originality of the designs and a segmented offer, all of the engines of growth is in this sector.

These data translated into figures means that around 54% of Spanish families spend an average of between 250 and 350 euros per year to dress their children. This data is released from a study by a French children’s fashion company.

54% said they spend between 250 and 350 euros on clothes for their children, 32.44% of them said they spend more than 350 per year in children’s clothing, and 21% of the asked households spend less than 150 euros a year for clothes and fashion accessories. The 24.32%, meanwhile, was in the range of between 150 and 250 euros in buying children’s clothing.

All these business figures have not gone unnoticed by the large establishments which are dedicated in children’s fashion that have increased their efforts to get to a place in a highly competitive industry and with large margins.

In short, if you have capital to invest in a business, this sector no doubt can be very favorable and it could be profitable in a short period of time.

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