Sucre d’Orge & Cie – Salmon Arc en Ciel launches its new multi-brand concept store

In February 2012, the group Salmon Arc-en-Ciel has launched a new concept of exclusive distribution in France: “Sucre d’Orge & Cie”, a world dedicated to gifts for toddlers … A true factory of modern and customized gifts !

The first shop Sucre d’Orge & Cie, located 48 rue Saint Placide, Paris 6e, combines the best of both brands Sucre d’Orge and Berlingot, and a selection of modern gift ideas to share: gift smartbox, birth silverware, customizable book … Exclusive in France, Groupe Salmon Arc-En-Ciel, founded in 1912, innovates and revitalizes the world of birth gift!

“A thousand and one ideas to compose a unique gift”
Sucre d’Orge & Cie offers a thousand and one gift ideas and personalized advice to make your present unique. The true uniqueness of this concept lies in its gift-making workshop. Bright ribbons, delicate silk paper and small decorations of your choice, customers choose the finishes in order to compose the perfect gift! As a florist, they just pick items from the selection of the finest collections Sucre d’Orge and Berlingot… Each present is combined as a “bouquet full of love,” a gift with an unique and original packaging!

“Like a Flower”
Ready to offer, gifts are also offered if you’re running late: like a nice bouquet of flowers, the gift of birth makes sense!
An advice space “Birth lists” allows parents-to-be to prepare a smooth arrival of Baby. To make it even more unique gift, Sucre d’Orge & Cie also offers custom embroidery with Baby’s first name and an exclusive line “Made In France” to customize with a photo!
By 2015, the concept will grow throughout France. A website will also soon allow everybody to enjoy this concept… from home! The digital platform will take up the same services and benefits available in stores.

For further information, please contact Laëtitia Tatard – Agence R Press – – +33 (0)2 51 67 22 22


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