Children’s Fashion Europe is glad to welcome its new member from Spain ARTESANIA GRACI 2001, S.L. with the brand Graci.

Graci has been a leading company in the field of children’s luxury fashion for over 39 years. Thanks to its focus on research, development and design, today Graci is a company which is able to meet all markets needs.

Graci’s collection is the result of careful research set to guarantee style and design. Graci pays particular attention and care to the choice of materias and fabrics; liquid silks, soft tulles, embroideries or vaporous chiffons combined with semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals, give the Chic result that identifies Graci’s spirit.

Graci also designs its own fabrics, which garantees exclusivity of the garment.

Currently, Graci is present in the most prestigious boutiques and department stores worlwide.

Children are to Graci its main goal. Therefore all products and fabrics used for the preparation of the garment are carefully and exhaustively tested by a laboratory dedicated to this purpose.

All Graci’s collections are MADE IN SPAIN. This ensures the impecable finishing of the garments, as production chain is controlled “in situ” during the entire process, from the reception of materials, to the distribution to the final customer.

For further information : www.graci.es

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