Barcelona will receive in February a new fair of children’s fashion

The city of Barcelona prepares to receive a new fair of fashion. The exhibition Little Barcelona, specialized in children’s fashion will be held next February in the Catalan capital.

Little Barcelona, which will take place on 5th and 6th of February, is a private initiative taken by three professionals associated with the sector of children’s fashion: Ana Castán, Javier Royo and Silvia Tarrés, respectively dedicated to the representation of brands, the graphical design and children’s accessories.

According to Ana Castán, Little Barcelona was created with the aim to bring together in the Catalan capital the companies of this sector which already meet in international and national fairs, like Playtime in Paris, or Fimi in Valencia.

“A base of brands which are dedicated to the children’s fashion exists in Barcelona, this is a good starting point”, states Castán, who insures that the aim of Little Barcelona isn’t to compete with Fimi, which has become a reference exhibition. Castán insures that the new fair will be aimed at brands with a different profile: smaller size with an “alternative” product.

At the moment, Little Barcelona already has achieved to capture exhibitors like Bean’s Barcelona, Bobo Choses, Monstres or Violeta e Federico, all of these are Spanish. Little Barcelona, which will be held in the headquarters of Foment de les Arts i del Disseny (FAD), in the centre of the city, will have a total capacity of fifty companies, forty of them with stand and ten with corners with smaller space.

For this first edition, Little Barcelona, which has set the aim to attract the visitors and local and foreign brands, will be financed totally by private funds, although its promoters are seeking the involvement of institutions.

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