Blue Seven children’s collections

Blue seven presents its new children’s collections for the autumn/winter season 2012: it includes blue seven newborn, blue seven mini kids, blue seven kids and blue seven youth

blue seven newborn The theme for the girls is “Flower” and comes out with cute, playful designs with floral prints, frills, gathers and cheerful all-over dots. “Funny Monster” for little boys is a series with soft, cuddly qualities, ringlets and chequered designs.

 blue seven mini kids “Magic Forest” is a series of blouses with elaborate knitwear applications, jacquard and chunky knitwear looks. “Lucky Star” shows more sporty styles. Casual flannel shirts and cool denim trousers should not be missing in the “Blue Ride” retro American theme. “Nordic Trail” offers a more rustic look with jacquard and cable stitch patterns on warm pullovers and hoodies.

blue seven kids “Music Girls” offers everything that girls love. The “Blue State” theme is a typically American range of colours for the series, which has the corresponding prints, jacquards and details. The stars and stripes with glitter and strass give the “Blue Girls” theme a girlish touch. The “Wellington Boots” theme with styles in a colourful mix proves that it does not always have to be pink and rose. The inspiration for the “American Engineer” series with the “College Team” theme were colours like off-white, bright red, denim and dark blue. “Golden Eagle” presents itself as a sporty, but also chic, look with diamond and eagle prints. “Grand North” offers Scandinavian looks with jacquards, chunky knitwear, cord and polar fleece.

blue seven youth “Perfect Day” makes sure you have the perfect outfit. The looks are decorated with jacquards, small bows, gold, lurex, glitter details and the fashionable winter shorts. The “London Styles” are very British and the second series in the autumn/winter 2012 collection that makes a fashion statement with UK prints, block stripes and chequered patterns. Fine knitwear with frills, strass-decorated shirts or chunky knitwear with pigtails are the key looks of “Vintage Romantic”. “Essentials” makes a point with striking front prints and colourful ringlets that all make a grey winter’s day quickly forgotten. Canvas applications, washed qualities and fine ringlets are the looks of the vintage styles offered by “Garage Service”. Those who love the college look will find it in “N.Y. University”.  “Street Radio” presents styles with chequered designs, stripes and colour blocks, as well as typographic and high-density prints perfect for cool, sporty boys. The wintery “Varsity” theme offers chunky knitwear, hoodies and pullovers with elbow patches, jacquards and felt double applications. The colours of dark brown, wine, off-white and ocean are also fitting for the cold season.

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