The best new products of 2011 – Kind + Jugend Innovation Award winners

A jury of representatives from the trade, the German technical inspectorate TÜV and the media carefully reviewed the new products and selected the winners in a total of eight categories. All of the nominated and winning products will be on show until 18th September 2011 at the Kind + Jugend Innovation Area in Hall 11.3.

The Kind + Jugend Innovation Award is considered highly prestigious in Germany and worldwide, which is why many exhibitors enter their products to compete for the coveted trophies every year. The entries accepted for the competition were all newly developed or enhanced products that are unlike items already available on the market in terms of form, appearance, material properties, ease of use, and/or technology.

The first place winner in the World of Moving Baby category was the Origami stroller from the company 4moms. “What an innovation: the first stroller that folds together with the push of a button,” said the jury members. The stroller’s sporty feel was also a hit. Equipped with a speedometer, kilometre counter and thermometer, the Origami provides the perfect exercise programme. The jury also had high praise for the Quinny Vezz pram from the company Dorel Netherlands: In view of the product’s lightweight yet strong design, the jury called it the “perfect pram for a shopping trip in the city”.

The Kiwy safety-seat from the company Segrall SRL was the winner in the World of Travelling Baby category. “The SA-ATS safety system is a unique new product for safety of children in cars”, said the jury in their assessment. The new safety system greatly reduces impact energy by means of a hydraulic damper, ensuring superior protection for babies during a collision. Deserving of special mention in this category, the jury concluded, was the Fem*One2Stay from the company Fem*Ster, a high chair whose easy folding function makes it ideal for bringing along on trips.

The winning product in the World of Moving Baby & Travelling Baby Accessories category was the 5 Point Plus Safety-Seat Anti Escape System from the company Systematic Strategy Ltd. The product is an additional belt that boosts the effectiveness of safety belts in safety-seats and thus prevents the child from freeing its shoulders from the belts. The jury was unanimous: “The 5 Point Plus belt provides much improved safety for a child in a safety-seat.”

The new baby phone Tommeetippiee – closer to nature from the company Mayborn Baby & Child was recognised for its multifunctionality with the Innovation Award in the World of Baby Safety at Home category. The new system combines all the features of a modern baby phone: a microphone, camera and motion detectors. “Baby monitoring tailored to the needs of parents,” was the statement given by the impressed jury members.

The winning entry in the World of Baby Toys category was the Big Optics Workshop from HABA. The colourful cubes, blocks and balls encourage the kids to use their sense of touch and to enjoy the experience of discovery. “We were very impressed by the educational concept. A traditional toy that leads children in small steps to the world of science,” said the jury. The jury selected the Safebreathe ‘Hoppy’ and ‘Patch’ cuddly toys from Safe Dreams Limited as the second-place product, saying: “Breathable cuddly toys – a great choice for children with allergies.”

The Wrapper Motion + from Lodger emerged as the winner in the World of Baby Textiles category. It can serve as a cape for wearing in the safety-seat, in the pram or unfolded as a play blanket: the Wrapper Motion + can be used in a number of different ways. The jury members unanimously concluded: “This cape has earned the award by virtue of its many complementary functions and the fact that it is made of such a pleasant, soft material.”

In the World of Baby Care category the jury gave the nod to the Calma & 250ml bottle from Medela AG. “An artificial nipple installed on the bottle eases the baby’s transition from breast to bottle feeding,” said the jury. The Happy 2Go baby bottle from the company Flori Babyartikel GmbH, an innovation for use on the go, was recognized by the jury. The product makes it possible to postpone the mixing of powder and water for longer periods, making feeding easier when travelling.

The baff music-furniture from the company baff GmbH was honoured as a product of educational value in the World of Baby Furniture category. Chairs and stools that turn into musical instruments are a novel idea and great products for rhythm training in kindergartens and pre-schools. The jury was impressed that such a simple piece of furniture can contribute to sensory development.

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