73rd edition of FIMI with an international flair

The 73rd edition of FIMI, International Fair of Children’s and Young Fashion, held in Valencia last weekend, was a great success: 260 brands have participated, this represents an increase of  13% compare to the last edition for spring-summer 2010. 

One of the aims of the only children’s fashion event held in Spain is to develop its international facet and be the showcase of the children’s fashion at a world level. Indeed FIMI is presented as an opportunity for Spanish children’s fashion companies to be in contact with new areas of sales, new markets and with new customers out of traditional markets. As a matter of fact, this edition brought together professionals from Germany, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Latin America, UK and UAE, among.

As usual, the association Children’s Fashion Europe was present to give information about its actuality and promote its member’s brands with the diffusion of its new catalogue, which has been given to all the professionals who visited the stand.

Children’s Fashion Europe took also advantage of it presence at the fair to promote the two European projects which it’s carrying out:

– el braM, that develops the ‘BraM’ Web based Course, aims to improve the brand and merchandising management for SMEs in the children’s products sector (www.brandfashionmanager.eu)

– el Design4Children (www.design4children.eu), that will create a software for the design of children’s products.

CFE has also visited it 20 brands members that  took part in the 73rd  edition of FIMI: Lullaby, Ebound, Emoi, Tricky Tracks, Elisa Menuts, Sterntaler, Bi ba bu, Bóboli, Blue Seven, Ido, Knot, Cóndor, Barcarola, Oh! Soleil, Baronetti, Cuquito, Laranjinha, Zarabanda, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Mayoral – Newborn.


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