Mayoral launches in China and reaches 70% of international sales

Mayoral, one of CFE’s members and leader of the Spanish childrenswear industry, is out to conquer the Asian market.

The children’s fashion company from Malaga knows it: China is not only a major industrial power, but is becoming a huge consumer market. That’s why Mayoral has decided to take up the Asian challenge by opening a subsidiary there to begin operations this summer.

Mayoral, already present in China with production units, will soon begin to sell its clothes there through multibrand stores with the support of a team of Chinese representatives. The initial idea is to propose already Mayoral apparel in stores next spring.

Despite the magnitude of the challenge facing Mayoral, its vast experience in the international market will, for sure, make things easier. The company, that invoice 240 million € per year, sells more than two thirds of its production abroad. Its collections reach fifty countries, and its main markets nowadays are Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Greece, Russia and the United Kingdom.

While its launch to China, this year Mayoral is also doubling its exports to the United States.

To read the whole notice in Spanish, please click here 

Visit the website of Mayoral.
Discover the fall/winter 2012-2013 collection of Mayoral, presented in Russia at the occasion of the last CPM Kids Catwalk – Moscow.

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