How do we choose the shoes for our children?

Aesthetics together with biomechanics and comfort play a decisive role.

Parents want children’s shoes which fulfil the needs of children without renouncing the aesthetics or things like the easy handling or the easy cleaning. These are some of the results of the netnographic analysis study made during the first year of the European research project “Design4children”.

The study focused on Internet forums where parents gave their opinion about children products and has revealed valuable information for this research with which the Spanish Association for Childhood Products (ASEPRI) and the Valencia Biomechanical Institute (IBV) work in collaboration with Children’s Fashion Europe,  CNA Ecipa and Baatpe.

This analysis shows that the aesthetic together with biomechanics and comfort play a decisive role when buying footwear. Besides, also the children have to like the aesthetics because they will use this kind very often. This is one aspect to consider in the case of buying footwear for everyday use, for example in school.

Among the aspects related to biomechanics and comfort, parents are looking for products that are well adjusted to the child’s feet and with locking systems that vary depending of the age and autonomy (between 0-2 years, easy to handle for the parents but difficult to handle for children, from 3 years, easy to handle for the child).

The price, however, is the aspect in which the parents less stick to by choosing footwear for their children. They assum that good shoes are not cheap.

The project “Design4Children” ( is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission and has the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry through IMPIVA.

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