Design4Children: European project in FIMI

Asepri and IBV promote the innovation through the design of more comfortable children products and the easier way to use them.

Asepri and the Institution of Biomechanics of Valencia will present on 20th of January during FIMI the results of the first year of the European project Design4Children.

This event is addressed to designers of children fashion, footwear and childcare products to give them innovative knowledge about ergonomics, comfort and ease of use of children products.

Design4Children is an European project launched at the end of 2010 with the objective to improve the competitiveness of the European SME of the children product sector, developing tools of innovative design which promote the improvement of children’s comfort and which expand the useful life of the product.

José Olaso, investigator of IBV and coordinator of Design4Children, will expose the results of the first investigation year of this initiative that has acquired like point of origin the research about the biomechanics conditions of children and like an interaction with the brands and the products designed for them.

A session – named Opportunities of innovation in the fashion design and children’s footwear from the ergonomics, the comfort and the ease of use – will begin at 10 am and will be addressed to the designer of children’s fashion and footwear; the next one, at 4 pm, will be addressed to the designer of childcare products.

At this occasion, there also will be presented e-Child, an European project coordinated by Children’s Fashion Europe, under the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme which aims to create a course of specialization in topics of ergonomics and ease of use for designer of children’s products.

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