“Become a pattern drafter” by ESMOD editions

In 1841, Alexis Lavigne, the founder of ESMOD, transmits his knowledge to the profession by editing his first “Tailoring Manual”. His manuals and his expertise in developing teaching methods are constantly updated and adapted to the evolution today’s fashion professions throughout the world.

2 manuals are currently specialized in children’s garments :



Become a Pattern drafter – Childrens’ Clothing

A pattern drafting manual for childrens’ “ready-to-wear” clothing that includes details on the overall shape of a child’s body from infancy to adolescence, as well as the procedures for development and transformation (volumes, sleeves, collars, details, …). Measures are presented in 11 languages.

Become a pattern drafter: grading children’s garments
This book, the second stage in our « Become a Patternmaker / Children’s Clothing » series, completes the creation of garments developed earlier using a point-by-point explanation of how to change their sizes.

Conceived to respond to the needs of today’s clothing industry, it also addresses individuals passionate about sewing thanks to the choice of models used which can serve as examples for creating a multitude of other designs. Manual methods and sizing charts for the models in a children’s wardrobe are explained.

For more information, http://www.esmod-editions.com/Default.asp

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